OutHudson Pride Month Events

OutHudson Presents:

Nine Pin Pride Can Launch
Benefitting OutHudson
Wednesday, June 17

OutHudson Scholarship Announcement
Sunday, June 21, 5pm
Facebook: OutHudson

The Girlie Show with Davon
Week of June 22
Instagram: @this_is_davon 

Drag Queen Story Time with Joni Magdalene
In collaboration with Hudson Area Library
Saturday, June 27, 11am
More info: facebook.com/events/190715252276095

The Goddess Ball Hosted by Davon
In collabroation with Lil’ Deb’s Oasis
Saturday, June 27, 8pm
More info/tix: facebook.com/events/306934710309924

Anti-Racism Training
In collaboration with In Our Own Voices
Monday, June 29, 6pm
More info: facebook.com/events/265146504552279

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